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Hello there!

A Space Duck on a Planetary Highway is a short puzzle game in which you aid a duck on its way back home - to Earth

The game was made for the miniBeansjam 6 ("Du bewegst die Welt") for the Rocket Beans TV Community within 48h. This is my very first time taking part in a gamejam, and also the first time actually finishing up a game. While it is lacking depth and polish due to the time limit, Im glad I was able to actually take part, and not having to drop out of it. After the gamejam, Ill spend some more time with it, add some more content and probably release it somewhen!

The game can be finished in roughly 10min, it has 3 tutorial, and 7 normal levels.

Thank you for playing!



[Mouse] aim your spaceship
[LMB] drag movable planets
[Space] press to charge up engines, and let go to engage them
[C] switch between planetary alignment, and spaceship shoot mode
[V] toggle planet gravity visibility
[Q] respawn (can be used anytime, not only when dead)
[Esc] back to main menu


[Code] Sebastian Bähring
[Sprites & Art] My lovely girlfriend who did not want to be named
[Font] "Cloudy With a Chance of Love" by Zack VerVynck, via dafont.com
[Background Music] "Up in the Sky" by Memoraphile @ You're Perfect Studio, via opengameart.org


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